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Rocky Creek Christian Retreat began with a passion, progressed to a dream, and created a philosophy that provided a foundation for our life plan.

Barry and I met in our late teen years and quickly recognized a kinship of spirit based on our common goal of wanting to live our lives committed to God and His will for our lives. Several years later, we were married and continued our plan to share our lives together, serving God.

Through a variety of circumstances our lives settled into being a part of a local church where we gave our time, energy, and physical gifts to serve God. We committed ourselves to reading, studying God’s Word, and the pursuit of lives that are lived according to His purposes.

God was merciful and gave us careers; Barry, as a Dermatologist and myself, a Registered Nurse. Through our jobs, church, and community, our eyes were opened to those around us who were also in need of understanding of God’s love and purposes. As He brought individuals into our circle of influence, we felt called to serve by sharing our home, family, food, and understanding of how to live for Him in simple daily tasks and relationships.

Through the years of raising our children, we struggled along side those with broken lives, loved those in despair, taught those that were thirsty for knowledge, and discipled those who wished to follow God. We learned about joy and gratitude and how inadequate we are without God. We learned how failure and confusion hurts. We learned to work very hard, physically, for the sake of others and how that too, can be selfish. Sometimes we made mistakes. We learned that we are not put here to judge others but to serve them, to hold on to basic truths, and to always be open to God’s guidance.

This way of life became our Family Tradition of service to others and a passion for God. Opportunities were put in front of us that allowed us to talk with younger couples that were interested in knowing about how we taught our children to serve God and to enjoy it. It was through this ministry, that the germ of the idea of Rocky Creek Christian Retreat began.

We began to see a need for a place to get away and spend more concentrated time away from the high speed of the modern world. We also longed for a place that would facilitate our own family in maintaining unity and our identity in God, in the midst of the stresses of the noise and confusion of an overwhelming life race. We felt the need to provide a place for our children, and others be quiet and have time to rest in the arms of God.

Through a series of unlikely events, of which are of great personal, spiritual significance, we became owners of a beautiful piece of land located just outside of North Augusta, SC.  At it’s boundary lies Rocky Creek and so a name was given to our dream and a journey towards building Rocky Creek Christian Retreat began.

The journey itself has been a growth experience of indescribable proportion. Obstacles between our dream and reality were great. It has been a journey akin to Abraham and Sarah’s as they sat out for the Promise Land. It has been fraught with difficulty and delays that made us wonder if we would have the energy to complete the project and then carry out our mission. Starting a new “business” when you are sixty is more credible than when you are seventy. None-the-less, here we are.

We are on the threshold of the Rocky Creek Christian Retreat story. We are still convinced that ‘all God’s children’ need to get away from the frantic pace of this world and seek His face, seek clarity for their lives, restore relationships with Him, and receive help with earthly relationships. This is our vision for Rocky Creek Christian Retreat.

Our hope is that RCCR will be a place where people will experience being cared for physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We wish for it to be a place where people are able to take a deep breath of clean pure pine-scented air; smell the home cooking, rock on the porch, and walk by the creek. Our desire is for Rocky Creek to be a sweet, simple voice that says, “God loves His world and He loves each and every one of us”. 


Karen Thompson 

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